Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Keep on moving…

Waterproof coats at the ready, we set off for school expecting to get soaked.  However, the rain didn’t appear, just tons of mud along the footpath.
2012-12-19 photo 7 smaller

Approaching school, three lorries coming through in quick succession created a snarl-up along Broad Lane.

They squeezed through the gap left by parked cars, then encountered oncoming traffic that didn’t seem to realise that there’s nowhere for them to go, that they’re part of the log jam.

2012-12-19 photo 9 smallerI’m just glad we were past the lorries before they could get moving, as they mounted the kerb in quick succession, nearly brushing the hedges to get past stationary cars.

Take a look at this video, you’ll see what I mean:

In the news
The situation we face on a daily basis is getting more media attention.  BBC Radio Stoke interviewed me this morning about the chaos.  It’s a shame the reporter couldn’t join us during our walk, it would have been fantastic to have their account of the situation.  At least I could show them photos of this morning, describe what the road is like and walk with them past the bottlenecks.  Other radio stations are interested in what we’re doing too…

New – Pothole Cam
Since Monday, a pothole is growing opposite the Old School House.  It’s getting bigger every day, now throwing debris up onto the footpath.  I’ve reported it to Cheshire East, using their online reporting system, so it should be repaired before too long…

18 Dec 2012

18 Dec 2012

19 Dec 2012

19 Dec 2012

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 9
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 6
No. of cars parking illegally:0


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