Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Collision alert

2012-12-18 photo 2 smallerThere was a light fog for our walk to school today, but not enough to reduce visibility so much that you couldn’t see for several hundred yards.

Drivers seem less willing to pause and let others come by these past few days.  More likely to barge on through than hang back, more likely to “save a few seconds” than wait a couple of minutes.   How often do they save those seconds instead of getting themselves and others stuck for upwards of 5 minutes?

2012-12-18 photo 9 smallerBuilding in slow motion, we could see the problem growing until the road was blocked.  It seemed to be precipitated by the usual gap outside school becoming filled with traffic trying to travel into Nantwich.

In just two minutes, it had built to a stage where those in the middle had absolutely nowhere to go.  Cars and vans mounted the path, right by children walking to the school.  It’s not like the path is very wide at that point either, so there’s nowhere to escape.  By this time, the road outside school had cleared, a silence filled the air.

In amongst the jam, I’m told there was a “collision” between a pedestrian and a vehicle inching forward in the queue.  Fortunately, there was no harm done, physically at least.  The pedestrian was rather shaken up, I haven’t heard about the driver.  And this isn’t the first “incident” along Broad Lane since September.

2012-12-18 photo 11 smaller

Careless parking?
This afternoon, arriving at school about 4.30 to pick up my daughter, there was a car parked on the zig-zags outside the school.  Visibility was already poor thanks to the dark and fog…

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 8
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 6
No. of cars parking illegally:1


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