Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

After dark

On my way to collect my daughter from after-school club yesterday evening, by Mill Lane it became clear that there was something on at the school.  There were cars parked along the off-side of the road most of the way, and probably a similar queue north of the school.

The traffic jam was apparent from some distance, the road lit up like a Christmas tree by the vehicle brake lights and head lights.  Getting nearer to the school, the cause of the jam became apparent.  As is often the case, there were two lines of traffic trying to get past each other, alongside a row of parked cars.

The situation was made so much worse by the lack of passing places.  I became closely acquainted with the hedge as two cars drove past on the pavement, despite my light coloured clothes and bright torch.  Glad there were no children on the path.

Can you spot the car in this video, hiding in the driveway on the right to get out of the mayhem?

2012-12-13 pm photo 1 smallerTravel was made nearly impossible by cars parked directly outside school on the yellow lines. I know that these lines are only in operation between 8am and 5pm, so it’s not illegal to park there at this time of day.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to spot that, if you park there when a whole load more cars will be arriving for an event, it will be doubly hard for traffic to flow.  And, parking there makes trying to cross the road, in the dark, significantly more difficult that it was during daylight hours – when it’s already bad enough.  The lines are there because of safety concerns, not because yellow stripes look good against the grey road surface. I had expected last Friday’s thoughtless parking, and the resulting 10 police penalty notices, would help focus attention on considerate parking.

Come on guys, have a thought for other people, surely their safety is more important to you than saving yourself a few yards walk?

Today’s Tonight’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 9
Stupid/careless parking: 10
Manners: 7
No. of cars parking illegally:0


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