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Dancing in the street

2012-12-03 photo 6 smallerWelcome to December.

After a week where traffic was calm and reasonable, this morning saw a return to the logjams of previous weeks.  Luckily, the rain had passed over by the time we set off, with guitar, PE kit, book bag and water bottle.  Already, cars were parking up towards Mill Lane, and it was just after half past eight.

2012-12-03 photo 9 smallerJust takes a couple of vehicles to try to squeeze through, for a logjam to build up.  I feel for the car drivers coming towards us this morning.  What else could they do, where else could they go but up on the pavement.  All credit to them for the care they exercised.  The alternative?  A stand-off as more vehicles piled in behind and in front of them.

2012-12-03 photo 12 smallerAnd the same thing was happening north of the school too.

Time to relax?
You might have read the 4 page article in last week’s Chronicle about Cheshire East plans for development.  You may have formed the impression that the south of Nantwich is now probably safe from unwarranted, unsustainable, speculative development.  Even if this development plan for our county is passed by the council’s committee, it still has to go out to consultation next year.

And this is the important bit, it will have no bearing upon planning applications already submitted, like the two for Nantwich South.  If they get passed, look forward to it getting worse on our roads.

You could hear a pin drop
More than one month on from the “bogus” support letters shenanigans being reported in the media, Cheshire East still haven’t publicly decided their position on this potential distortion of the planning process…

I emailed Cheshire East last Tuesday, urging them to get down from the fence before it’s too late.

Read receipts are a wonderful thing.

My email was read by senior people in planning and legal on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of our two local councillors also read it.

You could hear a pin drop in the silence that’s ensued.

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 9
Stupid/careless parking: 1
Manners: 6
No. of cars parking illegally:0


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