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Sitting on the fence

It’s all gone quiet at Cheshire East.

Two weeks after I wrote about some strange goings on with ‘letters of support’ for Muller’s ‘Nantwich South’ planning applications, there’s still no word from the council.  Previously, a council spokesperson had said they were “… considering our position regarding the matter.

I’m left wondering how long Cheshire East will continue to sit on the fence.  With these two applications pencilled in for the council’s Strategic Planning Board on 5th December (just 19 days away), time is fast running out.

Maybe it’s easier to sit on the fence.  It’s certainly easier than investigating the allegations.

We are not alone…
It seems that similar questionable submissions have come to light in Sandbach.  The Sandbach “Stop The Old Mill Quarter” blog says:

“If you look on the CEC planning site CEC Planning Site on page 9 you will see quite a few comments supporting the retail park.

Now look closely, and you will see that they are all the same letter with names and addresses hand written on the top of them.

More interesting is that they are all from the Alsager / Stoke on Trent area and NOT Sandbach. Now Muller’s offices are in Alsager…….

To much of a coincidence ? – I will let you decide ??????

In fact if you look closely, all of the names and addresses are in the same handwritting and none of them are signed !!!!!”

If, like me, you find this all bit strange, you may be wondering what else is happening that we just haven’t discovered yet.


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