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Last week I wrote about the strange goings on with a large number of letters of support for the Nantwich South planning applications.  The story has since been picked up by the Nantwich Chronicle.

Are there really, as Colin Muller states,  “anti-development people… trying to get people to object“?  Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that people are worried about indiscriminate, huge and unsustainable development.   Development that avoids the available and expensive brownfield sites, preferring to build upon unspoilt, cheap, green fields. They care enough to devote their limited spare time and energy to standing up to this “free for all“.

According to Mr Muller “In the unlikely instance that a document should appear twice, then we suggest this is clearly a clerical error, possibly that it may have been scanned to the website twice.”  Perhaps then it was an unfortunate series of errors; for a number of people to all write two identical letters, post them separately, Cheshire East to receive them on different days, then upload these identical letters to the planning portal?

The Chronicle say that  Colin Muller “was keen for residents to know the full facts of the scheme“.  What specific facts is Mr Muller so keen that people know about? I wonder if they include;

  • The detrimental impact this proposed development will have on the already overstretched local road infrastructure, the local environment and the public transport provision?
  • The increased challenges people will face in getting to see a doctor.
  • The difficulties parents will face getting their children into a local secondary school.  Both Brine Leas and Malbank schools are bursting at the seams.  Provision of secondary school places is conveniently not discussed (at least anywhere obvious) in supporting documents for the planning applications.

Mr Muller wants “to make sure we give as much information to the people of Nantwich about the scheme so they can make their own decisions.”  Where, in the mountain of complex reports, separate supporting data sets, plans and statements is the coherent picture that Nantwich residents can readily access, and use to inform their decision.  To get the full picture of the development probably requires a Masters degree in planning coupled with boundless energy and time.

Apparently “It seems clear that busy, active people who lead busy working lives struggle to find the time to actively support plans.”  Local residents were bemused to read this;  “Maybe because we’re struggling to get home in Nantwich’s already congested streets, or trying to get a doctors’ appointment!”, “Because we’re still trying to find a parking space in town”,Make the planning documents easier to understand then, so we can make an informed decision“.


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