Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

All clogged up and nowhere to go

Well, here we are again.  Another crisp autumn morning for our walk to school.  The wet summer almost seems like a distant memory as we haul today’s collection of musical instruments and sports kit down to school.  There was less patience in the air this morning, ably demonstrated by the vehicles carrying on regardless – leading to cars mounting the pavement to get past.

A couple of tractors bombed past us towards school.  Apparently, they caused mayhem further down the road.  I’m also told that, a few minutes earlier, the number 73 bus “increased speed as went past no82 Broad Lane to ‘fly’ down the road towards Audlem”.  Well that’s good.

Traffic felt to be clogging up the road both sides of the school, making the journey to school all the more challenging for everyone.  First the two tractors, then impatient cars and finally an articulated lorry gummed up the works.

Housing Firm in row over ‘bogus’ letters

Article in Chronicle, 7 Nov 2012

Last week I wrote about the strange goings on with a large number of letters of support for the Nantwich South planning applications.  The story has since been picked up by the Nantwich Chronicle.

The Chronicle say that  Colin Muller “was keen for residents to know the full facts of the scheme, and vowed to investigate the claims.”

What specific facts does Mr Muller think residents should know about?  Read more about the “goings on” here.


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