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The walk to school, even though they drove

Today’s post is later than usual.  Directly after the school walk, I was off to a meeting in Leeds.  That doesn’t seem to have dampened visitors’ thirst for the site, there’s been lots of people reading it throughout today.  Thank you.

It’s becoming quite usual for us to see cars parking right back to the 30 mph sign on Broad Lane.  This must be getting on for half a mile away from the school, crazy that this is how far away parents need to park.  On the bright side, I guess it’s a bit more time with their children.

After the wet summer and autumn, we had yet another crisp, dry morning for our journey to school.  Even though the traffic was relatively light (probably still too much for most residential areas though), there were still a few vehicle tussles.

Here’s a (sadly) typical jam working itself loose.

Snap happy update
No word yet about who the mystery man was yesterday.  Broad Lane School have not been informed about any council or highways activity around school and do not recognise the man in question.

A couple of residents of Broad Lane were also out yesterday, taking photos of the traffic on the bend by Maylands Farm (where Muller propose to build a roundabout to service the main access road to their desired housing estate) to send in with their comments on the Muller planning applications.  I too will be submitting evidence of the chaos with my comments.

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 7
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 7
No. of cars parking illegally: 0


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One thought on “The walk to school, even though they drove

  1. Julie Lilley on said:

    Why do people still precede to block my driveway at school times – cannot get out!

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