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Tales of the Unexpected

I can’t believe what I’ve stumbled across.

Perhaps you will be concerned too.

A couple of days ago, I was curious to see what comments Cheshire East have received for the two Muller planning applications. Browsing through the comments posted online, some strange things struck me about letters supporting the phase 1 application;

  • Letters have been sent from at least one road that doesn’t exist in Nantwich.
  • A number of letters look to have addresses and names written by the same hand and pen.
  • Post codes for completely different parts of CW5 were written on letters from certain roads in Nantwich.
  • Several letters had names redacted.
  • Some letters posted online had no names associated with them.
  • Three letters were sent in twice by the same people and had been accepted as separate comments.

As I was starting to write this post on Friday evening, a story broke on Nantwich News. It seems that other people have similar concerns.

This potentially worrying situation has been dramatically underlined. It sounds like some people were apparently unaware that letters of support had been sent in with their name/address. As Pat Cullen put it A point of concern for me was how shocked some of the often elderly people I spoke to were when told that their name and address was on a website for all to see and they were supporting a planning application they had no knowledge of”

Of course, I’m not suggesting that letters have been sent in without consent.

However, you might have a picture in your mind right now of how fast I leapt to check for anything similar from my address. If, like me, you would be unhappy to see a planning application comment sent in in your name without your consent, and you live on one of the listed streets below, you may want to check for yourself;

Beatty Road Blagg Avenue Byron Walk
Capel Way Coniston Close Cope Avenue
Crewe Road Dorfold Drive Edleston Road
Enerley Close Ernley Close Fairfax Drive
Gibson Close Hayes Close Manck Drive
Manor Road Manor Road North Marsh Lane
Millfields Mount Drive Myton Drive
Queens Drive Riverside Wallfield Road
Ruskin Road, Crewe Lawton Road, Crewe

Having been told about these discrepancies, Cheshire East are “… considering our position regarding the matter.” I’m looking forward to seeing what they decide to do, when they’ve finished considering.

Hope it’s before the Planning Committee meet on 5 December, I won’t be holding my breath though.


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