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Let’s limit the chaos

Perhaps you’ve already had this through your letterbox?  More are being delivered over the next few days.

The traffic is already a nightmare along Broad Lane, also along many other roads in this area.  Perhaps you want this chaos to get better, rather than worse.

With our help, this development CAN be stopped, and a massive increase in the traffic chaos prevented.

There are just 12 days left to send comments to Cheshire East about the two Muller planning applications for Nantwich South (phase 1 of a proposed huge housing development).  Protect Stapeley have been actively campaigning to stop this development taking place as they believe the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages of such a scheme in Stapeley.

How to object:

  • If you have received the flyer – every adult member of your household can send in their own comments letter to Cheshire East.  Add your name, address and sign the letter.  Post it to the address shown top left (you will need a stamp – using an A5 or smaller envelope will allow it to be posted as a letter).
  • Ask Protect Stapeley to email you an electronic copy of the letter.
  • Comment online.  Visit both planning applications (12/3746N and 12/3747N) and use the link “comment on this application”.  Remember to comment on both applications.  Some key objections are shown on the leaflet.
  • Visit Protect Stapeley in Nantwich town centre tomorrow (Saturday 3 Nov), between 9am and 4pm. Address and sign a letter and they will hand deliver it for you.
  • Drop in to a session outside the Co-op on the Cronkinson Farm estate on Saturday 10 Nov, between 9.30am and 4pm.  Address and sign a letter and Protect Stapeley will hand deliver it for you.

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