Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Camera Shy

My daughter’s on a school trip for a couple of days, so I was spared the walk to school this morning. Given the events of yesterday afternoon, I was glad not to be on the school run.

I was with a friend on the path outside school at home time (about 3.20 pm). Unbelievably, there was a car stopped on the zig-zag lines, just by the playground entrance. After a few minutes, with the car’s left indicator still flashing it was clear that the driver was stopped. I took a photo for the zig-zag gallery and we walked away.

You can imagine our surprise a minute later when the driver pulled up beside us, blocking traffic flow along Broad Lane. He proceeded to wind down his window and told us, in what felt like a very aggressive manner, that he did not like photographs being taken of him and that he was going to take it further. It was explained to him that he was breaking the law by stopping where he did, potentially endangering the lives of school children, which he didn’t acknowledge.

I wont print his reply here. Suffice to say his behaviour appeared threatening to both of us.

This behaviour beggars belief, that someone argues about a photo being taken in a public place, whilst ignoring the fact that they’re doing something illegal.

There is a reason the road markings are there.


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