Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Hustle and bustle

We’re back and autumn is in full swing.

After a great half term break, we wondered what this morning’s walk would be like.  With the clocks going back last weekend, it was brighter for the journey to school.  There’s definitely a bite to the air, a typical late Autumn morning.

For a while now, there has been a speed indicator sign by Mill Lane.  The sign tells motorists how fast they’re going after about 100 yards of the 30mph zone.  As we neared Mill Lane, most cars seemed to heed the speed indicator, slowing down to around 30 ish.  However, a silver Nissan Micra  raced past the sign to record a speed of 46 mph, AFTER they’d slowed down a bit.  It’s not like there were children crossing the road further on is it?

Looks like the Asda delivery van no longer parks on the zig-zags outside the school to deliver to the out of school club – so that’s good.  Shame the van decided to stop on the pavement outside school after delivering, forcing parents and children to cross in a very unsafe place.

Of course, there was the usual congestion right outside school.  We certainly didn’t relish trying to cross, so waited nearly 5 minutes for this to clear.

This isn’t your personal stopping place!

The school newsletter just before half term published the registration numbers of vehicles seen parking or stopping on the zig-zag lines.  So, perhaps naively, I thought this may just be starting to deter people from treating this area as their personal space.  Sadly, the driver of this van doesn’t seem to realise that the restrictions apply to them too.  The van stopped to pick up a lady waiting on the path near the school playground entrance!

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 7
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 7
No. of cars parking illegally:1


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