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Housing shenanigans?

Ok, this is perhaps slightly off topic.  However, given the potentially huge impact it could have on the already scary traffic situation along Broad Lane, and across Nantwich too, I thought you might want to know about this:

Nantwich South Phase 1 plans revealed
Muller have lodged a planning application for “Phase 1” of Nantwich South (12/3747N).  It includes 189 houses of a potential 1500 + shops, school and light commercial.  This new application sits with their recent application for a road (12/3746N) that I’m told cuts through land that should now be a Landscaped Nature Conservation Area, owned by Cheshire East on our behalf.  This was apparently a condition for planning approval for Cronkinson Farm (P97/0786).

Yet, despite several reminders, the agreement hasn’t been enforced by our council!  Find out more about the scandal that’s unfolding, visit the Protect Stapeley website

It gets worse, the Protect Stapeley website has more information about the subtle changes to submitted road plans since 2001 that appear to let Muller and Mosaic Group say these new plans are “similar to what’s already been approved”…


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