Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Make way, make way…

It seems no time at all since the new school year started.  Yet here we are.  Half term holiday is already upon us.  That means that we have a week without running (ok, walking) the gauntlet of Broad Lane.

When we got up this morning, there was a mist rising from the fields.  By school time, this had turned to fog, with the flashing lights on the school sign piercing the gloom.

Perhaps drivers would be more cautious, given the greatly reduced visibility.  Yep, that was certainly true of the first lorry we saw.  The driver of this Bocm Paul lorry was careful and waited to check the road was clear before pulling out round parked cars – how refreshing.

Shame the number 73 bus didn’t have the same outlook.  Parents and their children had to hurry along the path, or hang back, to get out of the way of the oncoming bus as it mounted the pavement.

And here’s what happened next, from the other side of the logjam:

Things were much calmer for the walk back home.  This clash of two titans by Mill Lane caused passers by to stop and watch the spectacle.  One said “that was tight“, another remarked that “a passenger in the red lorry could have touched that house“.

I’ll be be back on Monday 29th October with the next tale from the pathway.  Enjoy your week and “Let’s be careful out there!”

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 7
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 4
No. of cars parking illegally:0


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