Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Turn, turn, turn

Did I miss that it was “National Three Point Turn Day”?

Just wondered, because at least two people decided to do just that in amongst the parked cars and queueing traffic this morning.  Not something we usually see during the school walk.  That said, the manoeuvres were beautifully executed – perhaps not the best thing to do on a busy road with reduced visibility.  One of the cars was even interrupted mid-manoeuvre by the waiting traffic.

Thankfully there were no HGVs or large vehicles passing by this morning, so no need to dive into the hedge with our instrument bags and football kit.  There was, however, another example of car dancing, though not quite as spectacular as yesterday’s.

Here’s a video compilation of today’s antics.

Perhaps impatience is the theme of the week, as yet again a car driver seemed to decide they should come through against the traffic flow.

Maybe they were in a hurry, if so their decision actually delayed their journey by 5 minutes.


Tomorrow, the school will publish the first weekly list of vehicles spotted or reported parked on the zig-zags during school hours.  I hope that it is a very short, or maybe even empty, list.

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 8
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 3
No. of cars parking illegally:0


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