Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Muppets Take Manhattan

Where to start today?

In movies and books, people usually say to start at the very beginning.  So, let’s rewind to the end of yesterday’s post and look at that afternoon’s pick up from school.

A concerned parent sent these photos of the chaos during pick-up.  Apparently, the HGV didn’t wait for clear passage.  Instead, with children, parents and pushchairs using the path, the lorry carried on.  This looks to have forced cars onto the path near pedestrians.  The HGV continued towards school, again causing mayhem on the path near children and their parents.

The chaos resulting from a lorry forcing its way against the traffic

Fast Forward to this morning.  It was a typical autumn day, windy with clear skies after a night of heavy rain.  A perfect time to walk down Broad Lane to school.   Take a look at this short film of the slalom course that vehicles made just near the school entrance.  Surprising how few incidents there have been so far, with this daily dance.

There’s more in the Video Gallery

Refuse rubbish
How much better the road was last Wednesday, without the bin lorry starting its round during the school drop-off.  Having asked Cheshire East if the round start could be delayed until after 9 a.m. the lorry was once again on its round, emptying grey recycling bins.  It seems that the crews have now been told to only collect bins from one side of the road, not both.  They apparently come back later in the day to do the other side!

No sign of the jam to come…

Would it be better for everyone if both sides of the road could be done together, at the later time?  Perhaps there would be less stress, less danger, the crew would be able to get done quicker too.  Today, we were lucky that there wasn’t too much traffic backing up behind the lorry, as we crossed over to school.  It sounds like sheer chaos broke out further up the road, if the comments from other parents were anything to go by. [update] There’s now video of the chaos here (third video down).  The bin crew don’t look in the least bothered by the problems they’re causing!

Cheshire East, thank you for listening and making a change that has reduced the logjams.  But please, look again at the collection route and help us all by removing this weekly danger at school time.

I had just started to walk back home, when this huge articulated lorry came along Broad Lane. It must have been daunting for the man standing to the right of the lorry and the families on the path trying to cross over towards school.

It is all too easy to become numbed  to these large vehicles zooming past with inches to spare.  You come to block it from your conscious mind whilst you concentrate on keeping your children safe.

Camera back in my coat pocket,  I talked with other concerned parents about the problems we face and the impact that potential housing developments would have on this already traumatic journey.  As we reached Mill Lane;

Two parents were waiting to tell me about a car that had decided to park across the junction between Mill Lane and Broad Lane. A nearby resident asked the driver to move as they were causing a safety hazard, to be completely ignored.

While we were discussing this incident, a tractor and trailer came hurtling around the bend into the 30mph zone.  They looked to swerve at the last minute around parked cars, how the rearmost one wasn’t written off I don’t know.  The tractor came belting down the road, past parked cars and in the path of oncoming traffic.  When pleaded with to slow down, the driver gesticulated, mouthed something and sped off.  Sadly, there was no registration plate visible on the back of his trailer and  I was too shocked at this behaviour to think about photos.

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 8
Stupid/careless parking: 0
Manners: 2
No. of cars parking illegally:1


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