Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Same old same old?

If we can just squeeeeeeze through

This morning’s walk was fairly typical, except that we only had a couple of bags to carry.

Today’s traffic logjam was another good example of what happens when three vehicles try to fit in a space meant for two.  Cheshire East Councillors were there outside school, to see what it’s like for themselves.

Dear reader, if you want to help in the first step of the fight to reduce the chaos, here’s what you can do:

  1. Send in your comments on the school’s car park planning application (12/3464N), before Tuesday 9th October.
  2. Go along to the planning committee meeting on Wednesday 10th October, 2pm at the Municipal Buildings in Crewe.
    Here’s where the decision will be made on the application.
    Everyone who has an interest in this situation can go along to the public gallery.

Whatever you decide to do, it would be good to have an idea how people feel about the situation on Broad Lane. Take part in our poll to share your views (select all answers that apply).

Thanks to the person who sent me this photo from yesterday afternoon’s school pick-up.  The black Range Rover looks to be treating the zig-zag lines as their personal parking space.

Keep on emailing your photos and videos.  Every one of them helps highlight the issues we face each day.

Today’s scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 7
Stupid/careless parking: 5
Manners: 9
No. of cars parking illegally:1 (from yesterday afternoon’s pick-up)


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One thought on “Same old same old?

  1. if you click on the photo of the logjam to enlarge it – you can see how serious the traffic problem is, with children stood in the road trying to cross to the pavement and children on the pavement so close to the cars. I actually thought the traffic was comparably calm today. Id also like to say thank you to the lady that drives the car with the reg GirlM (if Im recalling properly). She shows patience and sense whenever I see her driving – always holding back and letting loads of cars pass her from the other direction to ensure she has a clear right of way.

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