Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

The quiet before the storm

Its all so quiet…

What a glorious morning it was.  The sun was shining, there was that delightful autumn crispness.  We could see our breath in the air as we walked down the path, dodging round the unkempt hedges.

“Great” I thought, today will be a nice quiet walk, which was just as well as we were laden down with a guitar, PE and football kits, and a clarinet in addition to the the normal stuff we carry to school.

The storm started fairly innocuously, with two queues of traffic trying to pass each other.  Then another jam developed the other side of school, towards Nantwich.  So far it was shaping up to be a “normal” day (though why we should have to get used to this, I don’t know).  We went into the school playground and dropped of the multitude of instruments and bags.

Coming back out of the playground, I was confronted by the aftermath of a bump between two vehicles at the Bus Stop.  It looks like there had been a collision between the stationary school bus and a car.  Apparently there were children on board at the time of the incident, it sounds like they were all fine.

The queues both ways at that time were unbelievably bad, just take a look at this video sent to me by another parent.

On top of that, a parent told me of an altercation that had taken place outside 80 Broad Lane, apparently involving a tractor and a white van.  Thank goodness for the public spirited parent who started directing traffic to sort out the logjam that ensued.  I don’t know who this parent was, however I’m sure many people were grateful for their actions this morning.

Whilst all this was going on, someone decided to take the opportunity to park on the zig-zags so they could drop off their children.  A short while later, they were back again to drop off a book bag.

Thanks to everyone who is sending photos and videos to help highlight the issues we face each day.  Keep them coming to

Today’s  scores out of 10:
Traffic volume: 10
Stupid/careless parking: 8
Manners: 6 (generally great, except for the altercation outside 80 Broad Lane)
No. of cars parking illegally:2 (the same car, from both directions!)


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2 thoughts on “The quiet before the storm

  1. I would like to add my thanks to that dad too. He did a fantastic job.

  2. thankfully the parent who stood and managed the traffic did such a good job that folks didnt end up having to drive on the pavement for a change. I would estimate he had to spend about ten minutes doing so though. Dread to think of the mess had he not done so.

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