Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Timing is everything

Wednesday is bin day on Broad Lane.  Early in the morning, residents put their bins at the edge of their properties, ready for the refuse collectors to pick up.

It’s something that happens every week.

It’s as predictable as the traffic chaos during school drop-off.  So why is it that the bin collections are timed perfectly to coincide with the morning rush?

Queuing vehicles both ways and the bin lorry is stuck

Last Wednesday, I was optimistic about the bin collection routine having perhaps changed to fit in better.  Boy, was I wrong!

Today, was a classic example of the hold-ups and queues that result when the bins are emptied going up the road.  Isn’t it difficult enough getting your child to school already, without the queues, pavement mounting, etc.?  How would it be if the collection round were revised to avoid the school area during such a busy time?

Talking with other parents, it sounds like there was eventually over a 1/4 mile of queuing traffic either side of the lorry.  I wouldn’t fancy being a bin lorry driver or crew, faced with this situation every week either.  I guess they’re very happy to finish this stretch too.  Would it be too much to ask of Cheshire East to revise their route?

Did you happen to take a photo of the queues, from beyond Mill Lane?  If you did, please email it to me for the blog.

A queue forming in front of the bin lorry already

Thanks to everyone who is sending photos and videos to help highlight the issues we face each day.  Keep them coming to

Today’s  scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 10
Stupid/careless parking: 2
Manners: 7

No. of cars parking illegally: 0 (there was a delivery lorry on the zig-zags later on this morning)


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One thought on “Timing is everything

  1. Julie Lilley on said:

    3.10 pm on Wednesday 03/10/12 – Trying to cross Broad Lane I was nearly run down by a very rude woman who was doing about 50 mph whom I asked to slow down. She stopped to tell me how she is sick and tired of this bloody road and everybody on it. I asked her if she wanted to see a child killed on the road and that she seriously needs to change her bad attitude … she sped off giving me no time to take a photo but I think she may be a mother and drives a renault clio. Watch out for the aggressive lady speedster ..

    Traffic Chaos: Glad that you weren’t hurt Julie and sorry to hear of this frightening experience. Sadly, this driver behaviour occurs all too often. Many thanks for alerting everyone to this incident, it will be included in my comments to Cheshire East for the school’s car park planning application.

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