Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Waiting is for wimps!

Have you ever had a day that seemed to just race by before you’d got much done?

I had one of those today.  I usually sit down to write shortly after returning from the school walk.  But today, I got sidetracked by “stuff“.  It’s here now, sorry for the wait.

Waiting is for wimps!

Speaking of waiting, a driver outside school didn’t want to this morning.  Clearly, waiting behind another car was just too much for them.

Or perhaps they were so thrilled at being featured in yesterday’s photos that they wanted another go at it?  We will probably never know, but here they are, having just peeped their horn at the dark Volvo in front, then driving round them.

Of course, there was the usual head to head traffic queues on part of the route.  Glad we weren’t walking down the pavement where that was happening.

Thanks to everyone who is sending photos and videos to help highlight the issues we face each day.  Keep them coming to  Thank you if you’ve shared this blog on Facebook, your posts have directly prompted 18 new visitors to the blog.

Today’s  scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 6
Stupid/careless parking: 3
Manners: 4

No. of cars parking illegally: 0


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