Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

What can they do?

A crisp Autumn morning for our walk to school today.  Our trip along the sometimes overgrown path was fine (at least the nettles are dying back now), with nothing larger than a car coming towards us.  However, outside school seemed to be a free for all.  The road quickly became clogged up with cars, vans and a few lorries trying to go in either direction.

What can they do?

The situation wasn’t helped by a supermarket delivery van parking on the zig-zags right outside one of the school entrances.  Just then, a large lorry pulled in too.  It looked like the driver was trying to make a delivery to the school.  But there is nowhere for delivery drivers to park, especially at this time of day.

Now there was even less room for the two traffic streams to pass.  Would you like to be trying to cross over the road with your child at that time? I was very glad to have already crossed over.  It’s a tough one, what are delivery drivers supposed to do?

The school has lodged a new application for planning permission to build a car park. The application is now live on Cheshire East’s planning portal (ref no. 12/3464N).  Support for the application will be invaluable in securing permission for off-road parking.  Apparently, comments on previous applications are not carried over to this new one.  It is important to comment again if you feel strongly about this proposal.  According to Cheshire East website, the deadline for comments is 17th October 2012.

Thanks to all the parents who are sending photos and videos to help highlight the issues we face each day.  Your images are being added to my blog and the galleries.  Keep them coming to

Today’s  scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 9
Stupid/careless parking: 5
Manners: 7

No. of cars parking illegally: 2 (lorries)


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