Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Too close for comfort

Here comes the end of another week’s “fun” in the mornings.  I guess that many people expected their children would go straight into school, as the parking wasn’t that busy.

We were a bit later than normal setting off, a short run caught us up, although I needed a breather straight afterwards!  There’s nothing like being fit, is there?  And before you ask, there are no photos of that.

Just the one car squeeze this morning.

I had a narrow escape from contact with this lorry – I felt the mirror brush past me as I was standing on the pavement.  Big vehicles feel much more threatening that close to, they must feel massive to the children.


A couple of  “interesting” parking choices today.

This car had just set off from parking on the zig-zags. It’s not like there weren’t spaces.

Tough to check for traffic and drive out of that driveway


We now have a photo gallery, and a video gallery. Thanks to all the parents who are sending photos and videos to help highlight the issues we face each day.  Your images are being added to my blog and the galleries.  Keep them coming.

If you have photos or videos of your trip to school, please email  They will be added to the growing body of evidence.

Today’s  scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 8
Stupid/careless parking: 5
Manners: 7

No. of cars parking illegally:1 (set off as I was taking a photo)


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One thought on “Too close for comfort

  1. Sonia Wells on said:

    Great site, Matthew. Maybe we should display photos periodically on a board in playground.

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