Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Three into two doesn’t quite go

We left the house wondering what the walk would be like as it is dry this morning.  Again, not many large vehicles on the road, where have they gone?  However the volume of cars and vans was up on recent days.

It’s almost impossible for two lines of traffic to pass each other, alongside the parked cars.  Today’s photos show just how tricky it can be.

It’s a far from ideal situation that cars and vans have to mount the pavement, especially when there are pedestrians around.  All credit to the drivers that I saw, they took great care to wait for people to get past before moving onto the path.  This seems to be the only way they can overcome the gridlock that very quickly occurs.

Often, one car will head along the road, with a clear place to pull in to let the other lane of traffic come past.  Then, other vehicles follow this lone car, only to find there’s nowhere for them to pull in.  The result all to often is gridlock.

Today’s scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 8
Stupid parking: 0
Parking illegally: 0
Manners: 9




There’s an update on today’s walk and a video in my next post, More of 3 into 2 ...


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