Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

The silver lining

One good thing about all the rain we’re having is that the road to school is much, much quieter in the mornings.  Also, the bin lorry hasn’t started its journey up Broad Lane emptying black bins.  Most weeks the bins have been emptied just as children are going into school – imagine the chaos that causes.  So the resulting lack of traffic meant that today’s walk was uneventful – that’s just how we like them.  The road outside school was even clear of parked cars.

It’s all so quiet – just how it should be

I’m really pleased that the Protect Stapeley campaign has featured this blog on their home page.  As Protect Stapeley put it “What might it be like if an additional 1500 cars (approx) exit on to this road?” as a result of potential development on ‘Nantwich South’.  It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Nantwich South is identified as a favoured development option in the Draft Nantwich Town Strategy.  Apparently it has the potential for 1000 houses!  It’s not too late to comment on the plan, as we have until October 1 (next Monday) to send email, post or online comments/responses.  If you haven’t sent in your comments, check out the Protect Stapeley website for more information and links to pages on the Cheshire East website.

This afternoon, I’m joining another parent to hand out leaflets about the draft strategy at school pick-up time.  Come along and pick up yours, as it includes a suggested response that you can simply add your name and address to, then post.  Seems like a quick and easy way to make your voice heard (you don’t even need a stamp).

Today’s scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 3
Stupid parking: 0
Parking illegally: 0 (a first!)
Manners: 9


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