Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

When the rules don’t apply?

A quiet morning? That’s what we thought as we walked to school.  It had just started raining, but not too heavy, so my daughter wasn’t too bothered about staying under the umbrella.  So I took a photo of the road as we’d like it to be each morning, and put my phone away.

Not 100 steps later, I looked back to see two cars trying to squeeze past each other, alongside the parked cars and people walking along the narrow pavement.  Didn’t think anything of it until I heard a crunch and a parent shout out to one of the drivers.  Luckily it was just wing mirrors colliding and no damage done, this time.

As usual, a car was parked on the zig-zag lines outside school, right where everybody crosses.  Bizarre, as there were plenty of spaces to park legally today.

Parking spot of the day

Today’s scores out of 10:

Traffic volume: 4
Stupid parking: 0
Parking illegally: 1 (on the zig-zags)
Manners: 9


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