Mad, scary and bad

Surviving the walk to school each morning

Two weeks and it’s still chaos

So the first week or so of the new school year is normally quite chaotic, as people get settled in to the challenges of dropping off and picking up their children. This year, however, things are getting worse as time goes on! There have been near misses and several cases of road rage just this week.

It’s not a new problem, as there have been campaigns over the past 20 years to get planning permission for off-road car parking. But, it’s getting far too close to a serious incident or injury.

Ever since being hit by a car mirror on the walk to school with my daughter (who was thankfully not hurt), I’ve been taking photos of some of the more hairy incidents, when I can get my iPhone out in time. Enough is enough, so today I’m starting to blog about what’s going on (with pictures) in the hope that if enough people get to see what’s going on, and those responsible for such poor driving get their conscience pricked, things will get better.

Parking spot of the day:


I’ll be rating the walk each day, out of 10 points. So, here’s the scores for today.

Traffic volume: 8
Stupid parking: 10
Parking illegally: 6 (only 1 car on the zig-zags today)
Manners: 4


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